Wednesday, June 30, 2010

St. Simons 2010

We went on vacation to St. Simons Island two weeks ago and had a blast as always. Thanks to Branden's grandparents that have a condo down there we are able to go every year and have a wonderful time every year. Every year we take lots of bike rides, spend a ton of time at the beach, spend time at the boardwalk, play on playgrounds putt putt golf, swim swim and more swimming and eat lots of ice cream. This year I started morning dates with the kids and I would wake up with each one of them before everyone else and take them to get a donut and then go for a walk on the beach to get shells. This was a wonderful experience and a great way to take advantage of having Branden there to watch the other kids. They loved it and I did to. I see my kids in a whole new light when there are by themselves. I love it! This year was Finnians first year at the beach and he loved it! He spent a lot of time in the wagon he would sleep and eat in there on the beach and sometimes just hang out because he wanted to. I love our wagon! He was adorable on the beach he loved the water and loved to eat the sand. Annaliese and Tristan did not want to every come out of the water. They would stay in the ocean until we dragged them out. They loved catching waves on boogie boards and learning to dive through them with Branden. Branden is loving it because all he likes to do is play and have fun and now are kids are able to do that with him. They would call the big waves "big dogs" and the little ones were "little winkies". Don't know who came up with the names but by the end of the week we were trying to go to the beach at the perfect time to catch the big dogs. We also flew Brandens kite made sand castle on the beach and big deep holes. The kids love making moats and every year we make a monkey town USA. Oh and Gavin not the biggest fan of the water, but so good when we were out there. All he wanted to do was eat when we were at the beach.