Tuesday, October 23, 2012

St. Simons Island 2012

St. Simons 2012 was a blast! We always have fun and are so grateful to Branden's Great Grandpa and Grandma for letting us stay in their place on St. Simons island! It is a blessing!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Camping at Fall Creek Falls

This summer we took everyone camping to Fall Creek Falls. We arrived Saturday am and left Sunday pm. Oh camping how I love and hate thee all at the same time. I have mixed feelings about camping. It takes a whole bunch of stuff and a lot of preparation. Sleeping arrangements are a bit difficult but on the flip side there is nothing like sleeping outdoors and experiencing nature. Camping food is the best food ever and anything cooked over a campfire taste 100% better than being cooked on a stove. Campfires, smores, beer, roasted hot dogs are some of my favorite things! This camping trip began the same burdensome way of stuff and more stuff and grocery shopping for all the meals. Even though packing is difficult and getting us all out the door there is always a big motivation because the fun is yet to come! You have something to look forward to! Great drive down there! We ended up getting a walk in campsite that we loved because we were by our selves! Great first day of hiking and seeing waterfalls and swimming in the waterhole. Hotdogs and beer around the fire and everyone nicely tucked in bed! Branden and I were hanging out around the fire for a quiet fifteen minutes when Tristan starts yelling his belly hurts.
I make it in the tent just in time for him to throw up all over me, Gavin and Annaliese. Bedding is soaked with throw up and I take him out of the tent. Branden and I get the kids settled and cleaned up. This whole process wakes up Emmaline who decides to cry the rest of the night while passing gas all night. Branden slept with the plastic rain cover over him because he had given his sleeping bag to the kids to cover up with. One mile from the bathrooms made this extra special times for cleaning up throw up! The morning sun was a glorious site after so little sleep and smelling throw up all night long. We cleaned up and Branden started breakfast. Pancakes and bacon over the fire! SO AMAZING! It gave me great hopes for our new day and it nearly made up for the night we had just experienced. We went and hiked the big falls that day. It took all day. Tristan was feeling better and ready to go. We get back and Branden started feeling a little yucky and he starts getting sick. I packed up all of our stuff in about five trips back and forth to the car I finally had the van packed. We get going on the road and Branden, Tristan and Finn are all throwing up in cups, bags and on the side of the road. We finally made it home after the longest car ride ever! Craziest camping trip ever. Although when I look at the pictures I only have happy memories.