Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wisdom from Annaliese

I don't know how to do a quote of the day or basically anything but putting up a new post.

At breakfast this morning Gavin was sticking a spoon up his nose and trying to push oatmeal up his nose...(yes if you don't know Gavin this is a typical behavior) he is super messy and so very funny. So I said Gavin you do not stick spoons up your nose. Annaliese being the second mother of the house said "Gavin you only stick your fingers in your nose and not spoons." So very funny!

Annaliese proceeded to go upstairs to but on her leotard. She does not dance, but loves to wear leotards or pjs all day. She came down with her leotard and said can I wear my balleration (this is what she calls it for some reason) so I can look beautifee (this is another one of her words instead of beautiful she created her own word.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Big Brothers Diapers

So we ran out of Finn size diapers and I was so thankful I had two in diapers for a day because that meant I did not have to run out to the store immediately with all four stinkers. The Diapers were big enough I think to be considered an outfit.

Visit from Kentucky Family

We had a special four hour visit from my grandmother, two aunts, and uncle from Louisville! It was such a great treat to be able to see them, we had so much fun. I think overall they ended up driving more time than they were here so it really was a huge effort to come and see us and meet little Finn for the first time. We cooked out and just sat around and talked during the time they spent here. The kids played outside in the sprinkler and we sat on the deck until it got to hot. My dad actually played in the sprinkler with the kids and they had a blast. Thanks so much for coming!

In my dreams

I am think I know why I had this dream now. I was telling a lady yesterday how much Finn reminded me of a puppy and I said he is my little puppy and then I had this dream below and no it was not a vivid dream.
I just remembered the dream I had last night when nursing Finnian and just had to share it...I guess I fell asleep while nursing as I do many nights at this point, but last night was extra special because I started dreaming and I was dreaming that there was a dog licking me and yes that instead of it being Finn nursing it was a dog and I could not get the dog to go away and I woke up suddenly all freaked out saying shoo get out of here. Gross!
The things sleep deprivation can do to you! Here is a another little recent attack sleep deprivation has made on me this past week. I went to a gas pump and put my debit card in, I pressed the grade of gas and even put the nozzle in to fill up. I heard the gas pumping and heard the click for it to be done. I quickly put the nozzle away and jumped in my car to head home. Nearly home I looked down at the gas gauge and I was still on empty! I had been riding on fumes before stopping for gas so at this point our guardian angels were pushing us along. Thank goodness for four children because we have more guardian angels helping the cause at the O'Neil house. So how can you go to a gas station and do all that I did and walk away with no gas???....I called Sams and the transaction had been aborted and the only explanation I have is that I heard the man pumping gas next to me and we started at about the same time so I guess I heard his gas running and his click at the end when his car was full and all the while I never even began pumping my own gas!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The O'Neil Crew Comes to Meet Finn

The O'Neil clan came to visit us this past weekend. We missed you Braxton and Jessen! Brysen had a hockey tournament here in Nashville so the trip was a lot of fun. We were able to go and watch two hockey games. It was such a fun trip.
Aunt Peyton (their 4yr old aunt) loves playing with Annaliese and dressing up and playing dolls etc... Uncle Landon (6 yr old uncle) loves playing with Tristan. They run from the van when they arrive and play until seconds before leaving. They can't get enough of each other, they love it! With Branden being the oldest of eight the ages range from him at 27 to 4 yrs old! I am so thankful I get to be a part of the O'Neil crew!