Saturday, February 19, 2011

Trip to Kentucky

My cousin Amber got married and we were so excited to go to the wedding. The kids were so excited about the dancing! Miss Laura Czarka has Annaliese and Tristan come over one day a month to do special projects and bake etc... They have so much fun with her and love going. We are thankful for the time she has them. Tristan was very concerned about dancing and he told Miss Laura that she needed to teach him some things. She asked what things do you need to learn and he said I need to learn how to dance because we are going to a wedding and I need to learn some dance moves! He was very concerned with learning dance moves and as you can see below many days leading up to the wedding we added dance class into our daily routine. I taught the kids some basic steps and some swing dancing. You will see in the pictures below Annaliese and Tristan trying out their dance moves at the wedding. They did great! The wedding was absolutely beautiful and we had so much fun with all of the extended family.