Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cruise Fun With My Hubby

So for the first time since our honeymoon Branden and I decided we needed to seize the moment. We had an offer from my mom to watch our kiddos for a week and we had some money. We could fix the broken ac in our van, get dental work done or go on a cruise. A cruise most definitely sounded like the most logical choice!!! We booked a seven night cruise and had the best time ever! We went on Carnival Cruise lines and we had three ports of call. We went to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, Grand Caymen, and Cozumel. Oh we had a blast. It was so fun spending time with my hubby in a relaxed atmosphere with no kids around for an entire week. I love cruises! I look at the pictures and my heart aches to go back. We are definitely going to try and make it a priority to getaway every year. It was the greatest gift for our marriage. We had time together with no other distractions. Thanks so much to my mom for keeping up with our children for an entire week! We obviously couldn't have done it without her! We did everything there was to do. I realized relaxing away from kids for me is not laying on a lounge chair and reading books. It is playing volleyball everyday, putt putt golf, hiking, snorkeling etc.... I realized just how much I love being active and that was a rest for both Branden and I. We danced every night and went to the casino one night and got sucked into the cheap little games and came away with nothing. Cozumel was our favorite stop of all. We rented a jeep and had the best day there.

Friday, March 4, 2011

All in a Days Play

So the temperature was above 60 degrees...62 degrees to be exact and of course the sprinkler and bathing suits come out. The water was so cold, but they had so much fun. I figure as long as they are not whining or complaining about it they can go for it. They love to play all day. All four them play and play and play! I love it! This I believe is what kids are supposed to do! We go from costumes to bathing suits many days of the week. The kids in the morning here are in their costumes. The boys normally pick one costume and stay, but Annaliese switches quite frequently from princess to super girl to know trying to cover all the basics. So as you can see from the last picture in the post it got a little messy after a bit. The kids by the time they were done were fully encased in a very thick layer of mud. It took a couple of baths to get the mud out of their hair. Am I crazy for letting them do this...probably!